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I am a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Robotics Institute. My research interest is in efficient AI for fully autonomous operation of resource-constrained robots. At the intersection of computer vision, machine learning and systems, I hope to contribute to a future where robots complete tedious and dangerous tasks for humans.

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Sniffy Bug: A Fully Autonomous Swarm of Gas-Seeking Nano Quadcopters in Cluttered Environments
Bardienus P Duisterhof, Shushuai Li, Javier Burgués, Vijay Janapa Reddi, Guido C.H.E. de Croon
IROS, 2021
arXiv / video / code

We have developed a swarm of autonomous, tiny drones that is able to localize gas sources in unknown, cluttered environments. Bio-inspired AI allows the drones to tackle this complex task without any external infrastructure.

Tiny Robot Learning (tinyRL) for Source Seeking on a Nano Quadcopter
Bardienus P Duisterhof, Srivatsan Krishnan, Jonathan J. Cruz, Colby R. Banbury, William Fu, Aleksandra Faust , Guido C.H.E. de Croon, Vijay Janapa Reddi
ICRA, 2021
paper / video / code

We present fully autonomous source seeking onboard a highly constrained nano quadcopter, by contributing application-specific system and observation feature design to enable inference of a deep-RL policy onboard a nano quadcopter.

A Tailless Flapping Wing MAV Performing Monocular Visual Servoing Tasks
Diana A. Olejnik, Bardienus P Duisterhof, Matej Karásek , Kirk Y. W. Scheper, Tom van Dijk, Guido C.H.E. de Croon
Unmanned Systems, Vol. 08, No. 04, pp. 287-294 , 2020
paper / video

This paper describes the computer vision and control algorithms used to achieve autonomous flight with the ∼30g tailless flapping wing robot, used to participate in the International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition (IMAV 2018) indoor microair vehicle competition.

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